etee Citrus Sunshine Scented Dish Soap Concentrate

etee Citrus Sunshine Scented Dish Soap Concentrate

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I've been trying to reduce the amount of plastics we consume, and eliminating plastic dish soap bottles was on the list.

Photo of etee soap My search led me to a company called etee, who produce a range of plastic-free products, including some dish soaps. I decided to try the etee Citrus Sunshine Scented Dish Soap Concentrate, which comes as a 3-pack of liquid soap, each sealed in a pod made of beeswax and tree resin, as well as a few other plant based oils - therefore, they're fully compostable!

The ingredients are all plant-based as well: alcohol ethoxylate (plant-derived grease-cutting agent), polyglucoside (plant-derived cleaning agent), amine oxide (plant-derived cleaning agent), hydroxyethylcellulose (plant-derived viscosity modifier). The citrus scent comes from citrus essential oils.

Does it work?

Yes, but with caveats. Since I have a well in my sink to hold dish soap, I add water to a mason jar, squeeze in the contents of a pod, then give it a shake. I then pour some into the dispenser well. This worked well at first, but after a time I noticed I was barely getting any suds. I shook up a new batch, but this time left it in the mason jar. That batch worked well at first, also, but I noticed that after a while the soap partially separated from the water and clumped at the bottom. A quick shake solved the issue, but if using a built-in well in the sink, that's not possible. If you don't have a soap well in your sink, you can re-use an old dish soap bottle or you can buy a mason jar with dispenser lid from etee's website. I would avoid using a built-in soap well with this product, though.

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